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Over the past few years politics has become much more extremely polarized and dirty. Politicians exercising the tools of their office to further their commercial or political gain used to be only seen in dictatorships or countries on their way to becoming dictatorships like Turkey under Erdogan. Politicians openly admit to make false and misleading statements even to other democracies. Members of the public still believe in debunked conspiracy theories. Here you will find a place to get links and summaries to the truth and the actors behind campaigns to spread false information.

Obama Birthers
  "They Still haven’t proven Obama was born in the US" I was at a bubble group party and heard someone say that they still haven’t proven that Barack Obama was born in the US. I was horrified that someone actually still believed this, so I started to look things up on the interwebs. But I wanted to note before I share that its not anyone’s responsibility to prove he is not a citizen, rather its the spreaders of this misinformation that need to prove that he isn't

Trump Coronavirus Hoax
  "Some video evidence on the shifting positions of the administration"

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