Erdogan Insults

September 22, 2020 - Radar

Turkey, a member of NATO has jailed an activist for another year for insulting their president.

A key ally of the United States has been taking a turn to a dictorial and authoritarian regime that
supresses its minority population such as the Kurds and Armenians.

Sebahat Tuncel, an elected parlimentairan offical from the HDP party was sentanced to an additional
nearly one year in jail for stating in a speach that Erdogan was an enemy of the Kurds and woman.
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  • In the past Erdogan has also struck out against even dissent outside of Turkey such as Enes Kanter, a Swiss born basketball player for the Celtics of Turkish dissent.

    Erdogan has tried to have him extradited for insulting him. Read about it here:

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